About Us

Two & Rae is your new personable brand. Established in 2024, our mission is to inspire women to feel their best whilst embracing the changes their bodies go through, ensuring our campaigns are focused around simply having a good time, female empowerment and self confidence.

We offer you ultimate fashion staples in versatile shapes and prints all designed in house, making them unique to the brand.

As women, our skin, bodies and priorities will continually change, so we are a brand who understands and wants to support that.


We want to continue to develop the brand in a way that’s helpful and constructive to all females. It's important to us that we grow the Two & Rae community alongside you and your opinions.

Feedback is consistently considered and helps us to move towards our future collections, ensuring we bring you styles you feel sexy and empowered wearing.


Consciously producing styles with the environment in mind, taking care in choosing the designs we want to produce, meaning fabric and sample waste is kept to a minimum. The swim fabrics maintain high quality and comfort, while still being affordable.

Our promise to you is to continually assess our recycled qualities, sourcing the best with our suppliers and to ensure our offer is unique and set apart from other womenswear brands. When you buy Two & Rae, you’ll receive your beautiful products in branded recycled packaging.

The Founders

We are an extremely small team based in London, with over 15 years of fashion industry experience working for both luxury and high street brands. We’re combining our knowledge to bring you Two & Rae, your personable brand, working into collection drops with a focus away from high volume.