Womanhood - A ‘hood’ men wouldn‘t survive in. They’d tap out simply from trying to cope with the pain (which can be crippling) from that time of the month. Being a woman is like riding a never ending roller-coaster no thanks to our hormones! Daily struggles of not knowing if we’ll fit into our clothes, waking up in a mood for no reason, handling gender pay gap, finding prince/princess charming, trying to get pregnant, the list goes on.

Facing unrealistic standards that we’ve grown up with through the media, magazines and that continue to be set by society, the pressure on our physical appearance, is constantly being challenged, dealing with all that is a job in itself, and one that we don’t get paid for!

*82% of women said that body confidence was the most important factor when buying clothes. This number is extremely high, we want to shift women’s focus, to be proud of who they are and acknowledge more the strength, resilience we hold and to just have a good time!

The women’s bathroom on a night out is always a fun uplifting place of support and compliments galore, let’s bring that energy into every situation we can! We’ve noted some points that have helped us and our friends feel empowered and bring us clarity through some of the tougher days...

Shattering Stereotypical Standards: We recognise that beauty comes in all shapes, shades and sizes.
. Focus on media that supports inclusivity and individuality.
. Remove/unfollow any socials that feed your unhealthy thoughts. (Simple but SO effective)
. Stop using filters and apps that alter your features. (Big one)
“You are not a before picture” - Alex Light
Empower Each Other: Surround yourself with positivity.
. Engage in networks that promote self-love and empowerment.
. Inspire other women with compliments and motivation. (A little goes a long way)
. Practice gratitude as much as you can.
Self-Authenticity: Embrace our authentic selves whole-heartedly and unapologetically.
. We are all unique, let the quirks and qualities strengthen.
. Being different is what makes you, you. (Because who really wants to be the same as someone else)
. Realise that you learn from others unique traits.
“You are not the opinion of someone who doesn’t know you” - Taylor Swift
Self-Care: Make time for self-care, including your mental, physical and emotional health.
. Start small, 15 minutes a day or every other day can be enough.
. Take that time to do something that makes you happy, skincare, exercise, and reading, even just sitting in the car away from it all.
. We find podcasts that promote and teach self-care are great and easy to incorporate into a daily routine. (HUGE help, recommendations below.)
Navigating Everyday: Women have multiple roles in life.
. You are not alone, seek support and share experiences. (Tried and tested, can be a real break through)
. Chat with friends, colleagues or family, they’ve probably been through similar.
. Remember to be proud of getting through the tough days Inspiring the Next
Generation: Encourage being a positive role model.
. Make younger generation aware of authenticity and diversity.
. Be cautious of what you post on socials
At Two & Rae we believe every woman should embrace her unique beauty, character and individuality, breaking down the barriers as the journey of womanhood has been and continues to be one for change.
“Do not live someone else’s life and someone else’s idea of what womanhood is. Womanhood is you.” - Viola Davis
Love The Founders xoxo
*Based on a survey of 131 women
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